Survivor of Suicide


That’s what SOS stands for, if you are one of us I’m sorry.  My brother took his life 7 years ago and you never really get over it. Who would ever think he would take a 357 magnum revolver and put it to his head, then pull the trigger.  Not me, I knew he had some Bi-Polar issues but always thought he was superman and could recover.

I was wrong, September 26, 2012 was the day he left this earth. September 25th My mom called me and said Alex has left and so has his gun, I said he is just of on some wild adventure. So when he didn’t show the next day with a wild story it hit me we need to find him. So the next morning we reported a missing person to the Police.

My youngest brother “Nick” and I set out to to find him along with the search and rescue team. After searching all day I heard 6 gun shots so we headed back to the sound. It was within 150 yards of the house and we saw the Lexington County Medical officer’s truck with several county cars. I said to my brother this is not good, talked to the deputies and they said we’ll be down in a minute to talk to you.

At this point denial is racing thru and I’m like no he didn’t. But yes he did, is it because I didn’t care? Hell yes I cared, didn’t I see the signs, no but they were there. As a survivor you get to live the rest of your life with these thoughts.

My brother you are not forgotten September 17, 1966 – September 26, 2012. Rest in peace. I am unqualified to give advise to any one considering suicide other than please don’t do it! Find Jesus, he forgives.


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