Smoked Brisket

I remember as a child having dinner at my grandmothers and asking what is this beef. My grandmother said “Brisket”, I later asked her what is brisket. She said it’s beef cooked low and slow in the oven. To clarify, you want a regular beef brisket not corned beef (with the spice pack). Corned beef has been salt cured and you just want a plain brisket.

That was along time ago and now a popular brisket in the states is cooked low and slow with wood smoke (indirect heat). Usually the beef is a 13 lb. slab and cooks for 13 hours or longer. At the grocery I scored a 1-1/2 lb piece with a small fat cap (1/4″) for $7 and already had the grill going for hamburgers.

Game on, season with salt and pepper, toss some hickory wood on the coals and wait.



Indirect heat at about 200/220 degrees until the the hickory wood was gone (4 hours).

It was 11:30 on a Monday night and I was ready to sleep. The beef was not ready so I put it into a slow cooker with about 1/2 cup water mixed with ketchup (1 tblsp) and cider vinegar (1 tblsp). Not much liquid but I didn’t want any left when it was done.

Really didn’t want to cook it all night so I turned the slow cooker off at 5 am. I usually wake up around then shouting “help me Jesus” and then calm down with “I trust you Jesus”.  Works for me when the demons are trying to take your mind.

It was morning and time for me to go to work. The brisket was cool so I placed it in a covered container the fridge.

Got home made some BBQ sauce and baked beans and after heating the brisket in the oven I had a taste test. Dang! this was so good I was thanking Jesus after I said my blessing.


After snacking on the burnt ends a sandwich was in order and was topped off with a bit of sauce.



Thanks Nanny for your inspiration.




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