Pan Seared Salmon

Trying to encourage my people to eat more fish, this is super easy to cook. I used some frozen wild caught Salmon fillets (thawed). Read the package label carefully you don’t want farm raised. I would love to have fresh Salmon but I’m 4000 miles away in any direction.


  • Salmon fillets (check for pin bones)
  • Vegetable oil (or whatever you have)
  • Salt and pepper

You need a hot non stick pan for this. Heat pan to medium high and toss salmon in oil and sprinkle with more salt than you think. Add pepper to each side and cook for 2 minutes each side. This piece was about 1/2″ thick. If thicker cook another minute or so each side (don’t overcook). If you had a 1″ thick piece cook 4 minutes each side.


Important: Let it rest, covered by foil (loosely) for 5 minutes and serve with fresh lemon.


My first attempt was good but the second try with a hotter pan was better. I put the larger piece in first then the thinner one after about 30 seconds.


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